Tarot, tarot on the wall

I have always always been extremely interested in Tarot, but something has always kept me from dabbling in them. I had this great fear of having my fortune foretold to me and that it would constantly be in the back of my mind, bothering me, haunting me.

It’s interesting to me how many negatives are put into view when it comes to tarot cards. And crazily, I had let those views affect me for a long time now. I remember I was at a fair years ago while living overseas and was asked if I would be interested in having my fortune told me through to tarot cards. My reaction…fear!

Now years later I have finally purchased my own set and all the ominous feelings I had in regards to them have been washed away. I was out shopping with family and entered one of those metaphysical shops (I think that’s the right word lol). I was browsing through all the items with my sister when we came across the boxes for tarot cards. I still had no intention of buying any at this point and none of the packets we had passed really caught my eye. We are shuffling through the people and I look up and see the Wildwood tarot pack with the Ancestor on the front. It totally gripped me and I just kept staring as I was moving by it. My sister sees me and she is telling me to pick it up and I’m like no, I don’t plan on buying any tarot cards. But even as I said that and was passing it, something about it was like calling to me. After we had finally moved past it I decided to go back and pick it up. Low and behold it was the last one of its kind. I eyed it carefully and kept turning it over in my hands. Finally I decided to put it back, telling my sister that I would just come back for it at a later time. She looks at me all knowingly and says, ‘it’s the last one, you know you are going to regret it if you don’t find it again’. It was true, I would, so I held on to it until we finished browsing the store. I had planned to put it back but in the end it wouldn’t let me and I am so happy for that.

They say you choose things, but sometimes I think things choose you. I love this pack. It’s my first tarot pack and so at first I read the book and tried out a few sample readings on myself. The first few times, I didn’t get what was being offered and I was like eh, ok. I put them down and didn’t pick them up again for about a month.

I collect old prophecy/fortune books as I like to read them and see how this was done it different times in history. I picked up one of these last week and it had a whole section on tarot available, along with the career reading. So, after a month I picked up my cards and did the reading. It is interesting, as this time it actually made sense and I felt I was able to get a full understanding from what the past/present/developing future/distant future was trying to tell me. Then the next day I found a reading called the basic three cards and did this one. Interestingly enough, I found that one portion of this read had a similar thread touched on in the career reading. Hmmm.

Going back to beginning, I no longer fear what the cards may say. I see tarot as a way for you to deepen a connection with yourself and help others do the same. It seems to me that the cards are not a definite answer to anything but a guide for you to interpret to better understand yourself, current situations and how to overcome what needs to be worked through/on. I have yet to do a reading on anyone yet, but once I do I’ll be sure to share.

Thanks for reading!

LiveBreatheBeNature ❤

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