The Name of the Wind

As you go along with me in this blog, you will learn that I have too many hobbies and interest to keep track of. Reading is on the top of the list and starting last year I finally made a pack with myself that if I start a book, I finish it. My sister is a huge book worm and literally gobbles down books in 2-3 days time. I am a much slower reader and savor my books. Regularly, she recommends books to me and this is one of those. The Name of the Wind is a must read. Patrick Rothfuss’s writing is amazing. The story follows a man’s life being told over the course of three days. Book 1 is the first day of storytelling, Book 2 the second and so one. Sadly, Book 3 is not yet out.

If you love reading and like fantasy with ever changing storyline for a character who is flawed but you can’t help but love, then this it it. It took me three times of picking up this book to actually start to get into it. I struggled to get through the very first chapter, but once past that, this book will keep you reading on and on.

Can’t wait for Book 3!

LiveBreatheBeNature ❤

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