White Willow Surprise!


As my blog is titled LiveBreatheBeNature I thought I would start with a post about just that, nature. It wasn’t out in nature that I first started my journey to Herbalism, but actually through nature, in the form of tea. The drinking of dried herbs is where it all began lol

I have always been totally obsessed with tea. I used to buy all the different flavors from the markets and whenever I travelled I would try to pick up as many exotic ones as I could buy. Then I came across bulk loose tea and I realized that the flavor of store bought tea is muted compared to the flavor of loose leaf or fresh herb tea (fresh mint tea is one of my all time favorites!). I started buying my favorite types from Mountain Rose herbs, such as Lavender, Chamomile and Cinnamon Bark (I now have a full two level cabinet of all sorts of bulk dried herbs). But through this, I was led to Herbalism and began to learn and work with the properties of the herbs I had. I started purchasing ones I had never heard of and then started researching the properties to see if what I had found was true. For example, one day I purchase White Willow Bark, because I have always loved Willow trees and it sounded cool. Once I received it, I researched into what its properties were. It said that White Willow is the most basic from of Aspirin. I thought, yea ok, this bark is going to cure my headache and such, let’s see. To my surprise I tried it and it worked. It is literally the only thing I use now. I tincture it in large batches. It also works miracles on cramps. Either cover it with some type of drinking alcohol and let it sit for 5 weeks or boil the bark in water and then steep for 5 minutes. Add honey, milk, whatever you like. You’ll be amazed! And it tastes like the forest, weird, I know but that is the only way I know how to describe it haha! I eventually want to grow my own herbs in a garden, but am just not in the right living space to do that right now.

I do try to incorporate nature into my day and day as well. I have a puppy and she loves her walks. We take daily walks out by the river and it has the most calming affect. I used to have my head phones in or be focused on so much other stuff and not the beauty that was around me. I first stopped taking my music and just was in the moment with the walks. I realized how refreshing it was. Now when we go, I’m in the moment with her and we do a good hour everyday. It clears my mind and leaves me feeling so energized. I think sometimes I’m more excited for the walk then the pups is haha!

Later down the line, I’ll be sharing recipes for my favorite tinctures, self made medicines and tea blends as well as the properties of different herbs and how to use them.

Thanks for reading!

LiveBreatheBeNature ❤

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