As a practicing herbalist, we are told to keep a Materia Medica. It’s basically a book listing your herbs, roots, leaves, bark and all the information pertaining those things broken down into properties, uses, etc.

I started mine about two years ago and have been building on it ever since. I grew up with chamomile being a constant healer in my childhood. My mother and grandmother used it all the time. For sickness, for restlessness, upset stomach and for an infection or swelling. The smell is a comfort to me, being the first herb I came to understand and is now my go to. So below I have included my Materia Medica page for chamomile.


Folk names: Ground Apple, Heermannchen, Chamaimelon, Camomyle

Parts used: Mainly the flowers, but the leaves are also useful

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Water

Benefits: Best all around children’s herb. Used to treat children’s colic, nervous stress, infections, stomach disorders. Also has rich oils that act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Can also be used as a wash. First make tea and then use a cloth dunked into the tea to wash the required area

Drinking it in tea form also provides a calming affect on the body

Magical uses: It is said that Chamomile is a dream herb (but way less potent than Mugwort). If you drink a cup before sleep it said that it will make your dreams clearer and easier to remember upon awaking

Smoking properties: gives off a pleasant mild earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness. Has a calming and very very mild euphoric affect. You feel pleasant, calm and at peace with all

Please feel free to share about your own experiences with this herb or others 🙂 What is your go to? I would love to hear about it!

LiveBreatheBeNature ❤

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