Woodsy Ramblings

Sometimes I wonder why the world feels so crazy! Being a International Studies/Political Science major I’ve begun to listen to the news regularly and in class we are always having discussions about current events and some times it just feels overwhelming.

I’m getting side tracked though. Today I was out with pups and I had this urge to take my shoes off and walk barefoot through the forest with her (I didn’t though, too many other people out and about). But I recently read this article that walking barefoot on the earth has some sort of calming effect as it is like we are connecting with out roots and it recharges us (think cell phone and phone charger lol)

It made me wonder if one of the reason there seems to be such a huge disconnect is that we’ve lost touch with nature and therefore ourselves. I mean, in the most basic sense the trees ‘breathe out’ and we breathe in. We breathe out and they ‘breathe in’. We are all connected but we don’t seem to think that way as a whole. I know there are those out there who do and fight for it, but as a whole people, a whole world, we do not. We sell our precious earth off for profit, for money, but at the end of the day money will not feed us, it won’t provide oxygen and it will not hydrate us.

It made me wonder where we lost the appreciation for what nature offers us. Without it we would not be but we are not thankful, not respectful and do not cherish it anymore.

I know there are many more reasons why the world spins as it does, but I wonder if we as a people cherished, respected and connected with our earth and nature would things be different?

LiveBreatheBeNature ‚̧

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