Rosenquartz and Burning Roses

Today I was listening to a podcast about understanding crystals. I recently discovered there are podcasts on everything and I’m pretty obsessed.

But anyways, the podcast is by a shamanic healer and she talks about crystals disappearing or breaking when your time with them is over.

I have experienced the disappearing and have a crystal that broke but didn’t know what it meant. I was heartbroken to let it go as it was one of my first ones, an obsidian spear, that I fashioned into a cuff. It always stayed by my bed side for protection and I have never thought of giving it up. But, when I heard her say that I knew it was talking directly to me. So with a heavy heart I cut it from the cuff and placed it in my back yard.

I’ve been noticing lately, it’s really crazy how fast you become attached to something, wanting to claim it as yours. Nothing in this world can be claimed, we share time but no one and nothing belongs to us and we belong to no one and nothing. At the parting we should always be grateful for the time we had, but choose let go when we need to let go.

Aside from that, when listing to the podcast I felt that my Rosen quartz was calling for me. This is a crystal I’ve had just about as long as the obsidian spear but I haven’t really paid it much mind. So I went to get it and now I am sitting outside under the moon with a Rosenquartz on my lap and a bowl of dried rose petal burning beside me. And I feel calm, safe and at peace. I guess I was needing some heart medicine from the crystal and the rose petals.

Sometime you already know what you need, if you just listen the answers are always there. Our intuition is stronger than anything, always heed what it whispers to you ❤

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